Hilarious TikToker reenacts school drop-off for kids oldest to youngest: ‘Ain’t that the truth’

This comedian made a video depicting school drop-off for kids from oldest to youngest, and it’s hilariously accurate. 

TikToker Haukatangi Heta (@haukatangi_heta) is a New Zealand-based comedian known for his characters and impressions. Heta recently shared a hilarious video where he plays a mom doing school drop-off for their kids from oldest to youngest.

The clip begins with Heta, wearing oversized sunglasses and a towel for a wig, in the front seat of a car. 

With the words “the oldest” written on screen, Heta yells out the window, “Alright kiddo have a good day. Have you got everything? Lunchbox, pencil, crayons, backpack, homework?”

In one of the more mom-at-drop-off gestures, Heta pulls down the sunglasses and reminds their imaginary oldest child, “I’m going to be late this afternoon, so I’m going to need you to pick up your brother and sister from school. Great, love you loads kiddo byeee!”

The clip cuts to “the middle child.” “Oh hey what’s up?” Heta asks, clearly forgetting the kid was there. 

“Uhh beautiful, kid, have a good day. What do you mean?” he asks, pulling down the sunglasses for a dramatic pause.

“Isn’t this your school? Aren’t those your friends?” Heta asks, looking around completely confused. 

Upon realizing that, “Oh, it isn’t,” Heta casually reaffirms, “Sorry, darling. We’ll try the next school.”

Finally, it’s drop-off time for “the youngest child.” Except not really. “You’ll be staying home with mommy today. We’ll be having mommy-son time,” Heta coos to the imaginary youngest. 

The video’s relatability struck a chord with viewers. 

“How can I tag my mum in this?” one user asked playfully. 

“Oops this sounds strangely familiar, I can neither confirm nor deny if I’m ‘that’ mom,” another viewer joked.

Whether you’re an only child or the youngest of 5, you’ll surely see some semblance of your family in this clip!

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