Man ‘seasons’ Hinge profile to stand out in group photos: ‘This is actually helpful’

A man on Hinge found the perfect way to stand out in group photos. 

Nothing is worse than a dating profile with multiple people in the photos. It’s impossible to know who the profile actually belongs to — as if navigating a dating app isn’t hard enough! TikToker tal_luv20 discovered a profile on Hinge that cleverly solved this problem. She called it the “perfectly seasoned Hinge profile.” 


best seasoned hinge profile we’ve seen all year #hinge #seasonedwell #fyp #nyc #perfectman

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The video starts with the user having a laughing fit as she pulls up a profile belonging to a man named Zach. Every photo of Zach was a group photo except for one where he was eating a banana. But Zach made it pretty clear which guy he was in the pictures.

He comically warped and stretched out each of his friends’ faces in the group photos. Zach, of course, left himself perfectly unscathed. He called the process “seasoning.”

“My friends not wanting to be X’ed out of these pics, so I seasoned them,” Zach wrote in the “Unusual Skills” section. 

The funny video received almost 300,000 views on TikTok

“He got asked, ‘is your friend single’ one too many times,” a user speculated

“Ask him which one he is to humble him,” another joked

“Wait, this is actually so helpful. You can tell which one is him in all the group pics,” someone suggested

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