Hitman 3 says goodbye to Agent 47 and hello to James Bond

Hitman 3 will conclude the World of Assassination trilogy and serve as a goodbye to the franchise as developer IO Interactive works on its upcoming James Bond game, Project 007.

It’s been a great run. The Hitman franchise is a legendary cult classic in gaming, spanning over 20 years with seven mainline video games and two films. The eighth main entry in the franchise, Hitman 3, will be the last Hitman game for a while as IO reallocates resources to its secret James Bond game.

From what we’ve seen of Hitman 3, it seems that IO is well-equipped for the task. Once again, we play as Agent 47, the bald-headed assassin with an impressive skill set including stealth, disguise and even drumming.

But Hitman 3 also has a notably more James Bond-y vibe than previous games in the series. In the game’s opening mission, Agent 47 infiltrates a party in the Burj Khalifa via a death-defying climb through the clouds. He then opens a window using a fancy spy camera and seamlessly changes into a sharp suit to blend in (thanks, Game Informer).

Another mission, The Thornbridge Mystery, is basically Knives Out meets Sherlock. Agent 47 enters the premises as a police officer investigating a supposed suicide that has gathered the victim’s entire aristocratic family. Of course, the irony here is that 47 is supposed to solve a possible murder, but he’s only going to the English manor to perform some wet work of his own.

All in all, it looks like IO pulled out all the stops for Hitman 3. If the game is as good as it looks, it will be a very lovingly crafted farewell as the studio ramps up development on the James Bond game.

Project 007 is still shrouded in mystery. Though the James Bond game was announced in November, no new details have emerged. We don’t know anything about the story, setting, development time, genre or even its name (Project 007 is simply the working title).

But until Project 007 is out, we can have one last adventure with the stone-faced, unusually musically talented Agent 47. Farewell, Agent 47 — for now.

Hitman 3 will be released on Jan. 20, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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