TikToker reveals ‘secret’ life hack for skipping long lines while holiday shopping

A TikTok user is sparking debate after sharing her hack for skipping long lines during holiday shopping.

The shopping tip — which some criticized and others called genius — comes from the user @keepmilagros. In her clip, the TikToker shows how she uses the returns line to avoid long waits while holiday shopping.

It’s the latest viral clip in TikTok’s longstanding obsession with life hack content. Recently, users also shared tips for “de-salting” food, getting better sleep on an airplane and even getting a “free” cheeseburger from Five Guys.

The hack from @keepmilagros is a bit more specific, as it likely only works at certain stores. Her clip seems to be filmed inside a Ross Dress for Less.

“I’m going to hate myself later for posting this, but…” @keepmilagros captioned the video.

In the clip, @keepmilagros walks past a huge line of holiday shoppers while sharing her tip.

As she explains, many stores will let customers check out at their returns desk, provided they have at least one item to return. So @keepmilagros purchases an item before the holidays that she plans on returning. That way, when she needs to jump the line, she can go straight to the presumably less busy line for returns.

Many TikTok users were impressed by the hack, so much so that they were frustrated @keepmilagros let others in on the “secret.”

“You are playing the system,” one user commented.

“Why would you say anything? That’s a secret,” another wrote.

Others, meanwhile, were more critical. Many advised against trying the hack because of its strain on retail workers.

“Please don’t give retail workers more stressful work,” one user wrote. “They’re not robots programmed for your convenience!”

“Why would you do this?” another asked.

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