Holograms are the future of group workouts

Ghost Pacer is an on-demand, holographic running partner. A workout partner can maximize your results by adding some healthy competition and motivation to a solo run, but now, you no longer have to coordinate with friends for a group jog. 

The hologram works with augmented reality glasses that project the workout buddy into your environment. At just 90 grams, the glasses are also ultra-lightweight so they won’t bog you down. You can set the path and speed of the avatar, making it great for beginners and advanced runners. 

“The Ghost Pacer will always tell you, as you are running, whether you are sticking to your goal pace,” according to the Kickstarter. “If not, the avatar will guide you in shifting your performance to get back on track.” 

The glasses include an app that allows you to track your progress and provides personalized workouts based on your data. 

Ghost Pacer isn’t on the market yet, but you can still pledge a few bucks to its fully-funded Kickstarter. The glasses have raised over $80,000 on a modest goal of $25,000. 

Running with a hologram may sound a little too sci-fi for some. But with social-distancing restrictions in place until who knows when, it’s understandable that some folks are seeking human alternatives. 

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