Here’s why ‘Holy Spirit activate’ is trending on TikTok

TikTokers love taking bits and pieces of pop culture to make viral sounds. Whether it’s from an old Bo Burnham album, a throwback Starburst commercial or an episode of America’s Funniest Home VideosTikTok will figure out a way to make it funny. 

This time around people, largely those a part of Christian TikTok, are obsessed with a snippet from Celebrity Family FeudOne celeb’s catchphrase from an episode of the game show has got people trying to tap into their “Holy Spirit.” 

What is the “Holy Spirit activate” trend on TikTok? 

Chynna Phillips of the pop group Wilson Phillips appeared on Celebrity Family Feud back in September. When it was her turn to play, she interrupted host Steve Harvey to sing her very own theme song.

“Holy Spirit activate! Holy Spirit activate!” Phillips chanted while dancing and clapping. “Holy Spirit, activate, activate, activate! 

“11 years, this has never happened before,” Harvey responded. 

Phillips may have channeled something because her team won $25,000 for charity. 

Now TikTokers are using the sound to hype themselves up

“Proctor: Time to begin the test,” @joechristianguy captioned a video

He then proceeded to do the “Holy Christian activate” chant to prepare for the exam. 

“When my toddler is about to start his fifth meltdown of the day and it’s not even noon,” mom Lindsey Gurk said dancing to the song. 


Right before we do our last run before we go live on DWTS… @jennachmerkovskiy me every time.

♬ Holy Spirit Activate – Victory Youth

Even Jojo Siwa danced to the sound to prepare for her last run on Dancing With the Stars. 

“When Noodle the pug says it’s a no bone day but you desperately need to have a good day,” influencer Emily Zeck said clapping to the song. 

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