Woman sparks controversy after refusing family’s ‘unreasonable’ home cooking request: ‘That sounds exhausting’

A woman is refusing to cook for her sister-in-law’s large gathering. 

She explained why she opted out of the task on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. While she loves to cook, she felt taken advantage of by her sister-in-law. The sister-in-law planned to invite over a dozen people to her son’s first birthday party. She expected the Reddit poster to prepare enough food and dessert for the occasion. But when the Reddit poster gawked at the amount of work, the sister-in-law became upset. 

“My sister-in-law’s son’s first birthday is coming up soon, and she asked me if I was willing to do a cake,” the Reddit poster explained. “I said yes. Yesterday, she called me again to ask if I can cook for the party. Overall, there will [be] 10 to 13 people at the party. She told me she’ll help me and gave me a list of what she wants. It was around four to five main traditional dishes with three side dishes along with some cupcakes as desserts. I said it was too much even for both of us and asked her if we can order from outside. She insisted she wanted my cooking as our family loves to eat my food. I gave it a thought, but in [the] end, I didn’t want to.” 

The Reddit poster thought it would be too many hours of work and didn’t expect her sister-in-law to be of much help. 

“She then vented to my partner and told him that I’m not cooking for his family even though I’ve cooked before for my family,” the Reddit poster said. “Seems like she expressed that the whole family is disappointed with my behavior. It was frustrating when my partner confronted me, and I told him that I’m already doing the cake, and it feels like she’s just using me. I stated my above reasons, but he still wants me to cook since my cooking is delicious and they all love it. I straight away told him that I’m not his family’s personal chef, and if they want to eat, they can gladly order out.” 

Reddit users thought the poster had good reason not to cook for the party.

“That sounds exhausting,” one person commented.

“Your sister-in-law and partner are being completely unreasonable,” another said.

“No one is allowed to tell you how to spend your time and money,” a user wrote.

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