5 homemade Mother’s Day gifts that will make mom smile

They say the most important thing about gift-giving is the thought behind it, and what better way for kids to show their love and appreciation for mom this Mother’s Day than with some heartfelt homemade presents? From a family portrait made of pebbles to a DIY room service card, there are many clever, kid-friendly Mother’s Day crafts to be found on TikTok. Here are 5 homemade Mother’s Day gifts, ranging from sentimental to humorous. 

1. Mother’s Day Pebble Rock Art


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Create a family portrait out of various treasures found in nature. First, have kids forage for rocks, branches, and other pretty items from outside. Next, hot glue a small tree branch horizontally to the bottom of a white piece of paper. Have kids arrange an assortment of pebbles in the shape of each family member (don’t forget the pets), then line them up on the branch. Then, hot glue the stones onto the paper in addition to any other objects from outside. Once finished, frame the portrait and surprise mom with a literal family tree. 

2. Mother’s Day Mason Jar Light Craft

This Mother’s Day gift is both sentimental and functional. Begin by gluing a paper heart onto a Mason jar. Next, have kids paint the jar using their favorite colors. Then, have them decorate a paper tag with the message “Mom, you light up my life” written on it to tie around the rim of the jar. Finally, place a tea candle in the Mason jar for the finishing touch. Feel free to make as many as you want for a Mother’s Day celebration that’s lit in every sense of the word! 

3. Mother’s Day Paper Flower Bouquet

Give mom a bouquet that she can treasure forever. First, cut out paper circles using different colors of construction paper. Next, fold each circle in half, forming a semi-circle. Fold the paper in half two more times, then make minor, triangular cuts on the rounded edge using a pair of scissors. Unfold the paper and make a larger cut with each unraveling. Once completely unrolled, poke a hole in the center of the paper. Repeat this process with multiple paper circles of the same color. Then, tightly roll a rectangular piece of green paper from one corner to the other to form a stem. Slip the paper stem through the center of each cut circle, layering them on one another to create a beautiful carnation in full bloom. 

4. Mother’s Day Message Box

This Mother’s Day gift is simple but oh so sweet! Start by having kids decorate a small takeout or paper gift box. Next, have them write encouraging notes on little, colorful strips of paper and stuff them in the box. Whenever mom needs an extra mood boost, she can read from her box of positive messages made by the people she loves more than anything. 

5. Mother’s Day DIY Room Service Card

Give mom the 5-star experience with this DIY room service menu card. The filmer begins by cutting out a template of a hotel door hanger with the words “Room Service For Mom” printed at the top. Beneath the card’s handle are rows of lines where kids can write down various menu items. Then, mom can check off which food she’d like to order via the boxes next to each line for a relaxing breakfast in bed.  

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