TikTok mom’s homemade teething toys are a cheap and easy way to soothe fussy babies

A clever mom has shared her homemade teething toys to TikTok — and parents everywhere love the innovative idea!

Kate Bast, known on TikTok as @thebastfamily, is no stranger to brilliant parenting hacks. As her bio reads, she’s an expert on “hacks, activities & recipes for mini-humans!”

But her hack for fussy, teething babies has parents running to their kitchen to try it out for themselves!

In the video, Kate starts out by folding and knotting a simple baby washcloth. Once it’s tightly tied, she soaks it under the tap.

After she’d knotted and soaked five washcloths, she places them in a small baking dish and slides them into her freezer.

According to a comment Kate left on the video, she leaves them in there for 20 to 30 minutes until they’re “cold but not frozen.”

When they’re cold enough, Kate hands the homemade teething toys to her little one, who has a ball sucking and chewing on them.

Parents everywhere loved Kate’s simple but innovative hack

TikTokers struggling with their own teething babies sung Kate’s praises in the comments.

“I love this, I’m going to try it on my baby who’s having a rough time right now teething,” one user wrote.

“I’m going to try this later today. My mini is almost four months and has been at this drooling, chewing, and crying stage of the teething process. Thanks!” commented another user.

One user had a suggestion to further improve upon Kate’s hack: “Soak in cold chamomile tea, it makes it work even better to soothe!” they wrote.

It’s little tips and tricks like these — and the supportive community that forms around them — that help parents get through the daily struggles!

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