Homeowner captures mysterious flying creature on Ring camera

A viral video of a mysterious fairy-like creature has thousands of TikTok users scratching their heads and believing in Neverland.

On August 4, Twitter user bnitaapleb_m uploaded footage from her Ring doorbell camera of what looks like a floating fairy.

“So we saw this on our camera last night, someone tell [me] what they think it looks like?” bnitaapleb_m captioned the video.

The next day, TikTok user migueltwrrs helped the video go viral on the platform by sharing it and expressing his shock and surprise.

His recording of the tweet, which has more than 525,000 likes, is set to the “Stranger Things” theme music, which makes it even spookier.

“I know that’s my sis Tinkerbell,” Miguel captioned his video, pointing out the resemblance between the bizarre bug in the video and the feisty fairy in “Peter Pan.”

In the comments, many users agreed that the creature in the video looks eerily similar to Tinkerbell.

“I knew fairies were real,” one person said.

“WHAAA?! It’s tink,” another user exclaimed.

Other people just couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“WHAT- WHAT IS THAT,” one person commented.

“LMFOAOA BRUH WHAT,” another user added.

Though it’s unclear what the creature in the video actually is, many people are speculating that it might be a wasp (or perhaps the Tooth Fairy?). Okay, fine, it’s probably a wasp.

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