Homeowner stunned by new neighbor’s ‘offensive’ request: ‘Never ask me this again’

A man refused his neighbor’s request to pay an outstanding bill he had nothing to do with. 

The man went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he overreacted when he told the neighbor off. The issue was that when the neighbor introduced themselves they also demanded the man pay a debt owed by the previous homeowner. 

“[The neighbor] asked me to pay an outstanding bill; he and the previous owner of my new house had their sewer line snaked and each owner would pay 50 percent,” the user said. “It seems like she (previous owner) stiffed my new neighbor on the payment. My ‘share’ of the bill was $400!” 

The Reddit user gave the neighbor the previous owner’s contact info, but that escalated things. 

“He seemed frustrated at my suggestion and indicated that none of his contact attempts worked,” the man wrote. “So I asked him if he thought asking me to pay her bill was an even better idea… He responded that I’m reaping the benefits of a clean sewer line and I told him it is his problem for doing business with the shady previous owner of my house.”

The man maintained that he had no legal responsibility to pay the neighbor $400. 

“I then closed by saying that I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot but his request was offensive,” the user explained. “If he wanted to have a neighborly relationship with me that he should never ask me this again — as we will be neighbors for a long time and is in our best interests to be cordial and work together. He turned around and muttered off.” 

Reddit users were equally baffled by the neighbor’s request. 

“Why would you pay someone else’s bill on their behalf?” one person wrote

“Not your bill not your problem,” another said.

“You are absolutely not responsible for the last owner’s bills,” someone commented

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