Hong Kong baker’s Asian-themed cakes look too real to eat

Everything is cake. Hyperrealistic cakes are the dessert of the summer. 

But confectioners Alison Chan and Cony Lam are upping the ante with their Asian-themed cakes. The Hong Kong bakers can pretty much make a cake look like anything. A candlea stack of Uno cards and a Nike flip flop are some of their most convincing creations. 

Nevertheless, it’s when Chan and Lam take inspiration from various Asian cuisines that they do some of their best work. Perhaps, it’s because cakes that look like savory food are simply mindboggling.

Which of these sandwiches is a cake? Click here to find out.

When a bowl of spicy noodles with veggies and dumplings in broth turns out to be a solid cake — bowl and all — well, that just baffles the senses. Then there was the time Chan and Lam’s elaborate sushi spread was actually vanilla cakes, including the wooden board the rolls were served on. 

Chan and Lam are always happy to play up the illusion as well. Take their bamboo steam basket cake for example.

In one clip, one baker is dining at a restaurant. She pours herself some tea before beckoning the server over. The woman brings her a bamboo basket with steamed dumplings. She uses her chopsticks to grab a dumpling and bites into it. There’s chocolate inside. Then she grabs a serrated knife and cuts into the entire basket itself. The whole meal is just cake

The illusion racked up over 16,000 views on Instagram

“Woah! You’re incredibly amazing and talented,” one person wrote

“I’m in love with your creativity,” another said

“So talented,” someone commented

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