Parents face backlash for ‘horrible’ reaction to daughter’s pregnancy announcement: ‘What did they expect?’

A woman never told her mother she was pregnant, but she believes she has a good reason.

She explained why she decided to only have “little contact” (LC) with her mom on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her mom and stepfather were controlling parents growing up and when she was 18, they kicked her out.

The Reddit poster recently found out she was six and a half months pregnant and posted a photo referencing her unborn child on social media — then, her mom became furious and called her a liar. 

“I recently found out I was pregnant, it came as a bit of a surprise, although my partner and I have been trying for almost two years,” she wrote. “I am very very LC with my parents. My mother and stepfather are extremely narcissistic people, who micromanaged my entire childhood up until I turned 18 and my stepfather kicked me out because ‘you aren’t my problem anymore.’ I speak to my mother maybe once a year. The last time I spoke to them was Jan of 2020 and I told them I was trying to get pregnant. They told me I’d be a s***** parent because I’m too soft and that I’d raise spoilt selfish brats. I haven’t spoken to them since.” 

The Reddit poster is still in contact with her sister who doesn’t speak to the parents at all. 

“Over Easter, my sister’s family, mine and my partner’s family all got together,” she explained. “We had a big family photo that I shared to my Facebook page along with me holding an Easter-themed onesie over my stomach and a little post about how I’d have a daughter of my own for next easter. Today my mother called me and ripped into me for not telling her and basically accused me of lying by omission to her. I hung up on her and she then called my partner and called him a monster for not telling her and asked him how he felt being married to a liar, he told her to piss off and hung up.” 

Reddit users weighed in on the woman’s situation. 

“Your parents sound like horrible people,” one person wrote

“What did they expect? With a little luck, it will piss them more and you will never see them again,” someone commented

“She is being herself, manipulative and narcissistic,” another said

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