Dirty horse gets satisfying hose bath in mesmerizing clip

Mckinnley Malone owns a 2-year-old white horse named Khaleesi and documents her adventures with the filly on TikTok. The videos range from Khaleesi laying in the sand, to her learning some new tricks to her munching on some carrots. However, one thing is for sure: after a long day, Khaleesi needs a bath.

Malone posted a TikTok where she hoses the Khalessi down and it’s so satisfying to watch. Usually, Khaleesi is white with a few light brown spots on her back. But before Malone begins the cleanse, her coat looks gray. 

The owner gently blasts Khaleesi with streams of water. With each shot from the hose, a patch of dirt and dust is washed away to reveal dazzling white fur.

Let’s just say other horse owners could relate. 

“I felt that. When I wash my horse it’s like a new horse has been born,” one TikTok user wrote

“Lol. The struggle of keeping them clean,” another person said

“This is my favorite video,” one person added.

Malone adopted Khaleesi after her previous owner’s barn collapsed during a bad storm. While most of the other horses were easy to recover, Khaleesi was trapped under the rubble. However, when rescuers got to her, it turned out she had been standing in exactly the right place during the collapse. Khaleesi didn’t have a single injury. Malone calls it a miracle.

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