Horse nuzzles sad woman to provide a shoulder to cry on: ‘We don’t deserve animals’

A clip of a horse consoling a woman went viral, proving that sometimes, animals are just too good for us

Horses have been long used in equine therapy, where humans are overseen by mental health professionals as they interact with the creatures. Horse therapy can help people improve emotional regulation and self-confidence.

While it’s unclear if the animal in the clip provided by @rougenoir36 is a therapy horse, it’s apparent the steed was in tune with the woman’s needs. 

In the clip, a woman was sitting on the steps of a shed. While the reason is unknown, the woman appeared to be having a profound cry spell. But luckily, her horse was there to comfort her.

A brown horse nuzzled her head and allowed her to lean on its shoulder while she burst into tears. It used its chin to rub her back as she sunk deeper into the animal for support. 

“We don’t deserve animals,” the caption read

The video racked up over 13.5 million views and 2.5 million likes on TikTok

“Even the horse can feel you are hurt,” a user wrote

“Animals are the purest creatures created in this world,” another said

“The way the horse nudged her to have close contact and hug. We all need that, bless them,” someone commented

“The horse really pulled her into its shoulder like ‘Come here, I got you. It’s OK,'” a person replied

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