Hospital celebrates ‘Baby Shark Week’ with newborns

The Discovery network’s “Shark Week” kicked off on August 9, but Saint Luke’s North Hospital is celebrating its own version: Baby Shark Week

The Missouri hospital’s maternity doctors and nurses followed strict safety and infection prevention protocols to help dress up newborns in shark costumes. The festivities come as a way to brighten the lives of mothers in the pandemic age. The nurses photographed the little ones wearing adorable shark hats and fins.

“No one planned to deliver a baby during a pandemic,” nurse Amber Tenay told “Good Morning America.” “In this scary time, we want the families to feel safe and have a great experience.”

One of the hospital’s physicians was a fan of the real “Shark Week,” a week-long event of television programming centered around the underwater predator. But there’s nothing scary about these baby sharks. 

Footage shows the newborns, most still unable to open their eyes, fitted with blue and pink shark hats, featuring teeth and googly eyes. Some have small fin mitts secured on their little hands 

“All the families were so excited,” Tenay told “Good Morning America.” “We really strive to give our patients a positive experience. We want them to feel well taken care of.”

Twitter users were endeared by the celebration because well, babies are cute.

“You have to love the nurses they are the best,” one person commented

“I just want to pick them up and kiss them,” another said

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