Hospital paints pumpkins to reveal what dilation during childbirth really looks like

The labor and delivery department of a hospital used Halloween pumpkins to educate people on an important pregnancy matter. 

TikToker Taylor Allison posted what the “dilation station” looked like at her office. Dilation is when the cervix opens up during birth. The cervical opening can help workers track labor progress. 

Healthline states that the cervix opens to allow the newborn’s head to pass through the vagina, “which is around 10 centimeters dilated” for most babies

That’s likely why the “dilation station” featured 10 pumpkins, each with a mouth from one to 10 centimeters. Allison showed each pumpkin, and thus each dilation, as it grew wider and wider. 

Let’s just say that knowing a body can transform like that did not create much enthusiasm for childbirth. Although it did inspire respect for women and people who give birth. 

“Why did I think 10 cm was half this size lol,” someone wrote

“If I EVER hear a man complain again,” another said

“No one is selling this birth thing,” a TikToker replied

“Omg lol I was terrified til I realized it was the dark circles and now I’m still mortified,” a user added

Kids are gonna have to find another way to birth themselves cuz I’m out,” a person joked

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