What is the ‘hot girl walk’? TikTokers have created a new confidence movement

Megan Thee Stallion coined the term “Hot Girl Summer” in 2019 to create a new generation of baddies with attitude. 

Now women on TikTok have started the “Hot Girl Walk,” a wellness routine that’s all about fitness, self-reflection and confidence. 

What is the “Hot Girl Walk” on TikTok? 


Reply to @666mjcksn666 follow to stay on non-toxic tik tok! There are a lot of new friends so this needed a redo #hotgirlwalk #fitness

♬ original sound – Mia

The “Hot Girl Walk” is credited to Mia, a.k.a. @exactlyliketheothergirls

After noticing a difference in her appearance, people asked Mia, who’s not a fan of diet culture, how she shed a few pounds. The influencer claimed it was an unintended side effect of the “Hot Girl Walk.” But she insisted weight loss is not the point or goal of the project. It’s a long walk designed for women to look within while getting some fresh air. 

“The biggest transformations are the ones that start internally,” Mia said. 

TikTok users loved the idea of the “Hot Girl Walk.” 

“This is an excellent manifesting practice,” someone commented

“I’ve been doing this walk. It’s my fav time of day,” another wrote

How to go on a “Hot Girl Walk” 

Going on a “Hot Girl Walk” is easy. It’s a four-mile walk, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. There is a catch, — you can only think about three things: what you’re grateful for, how hot you are and things that you want to achieve. Mia recommended doing it every day. 

The creator also stated that you’re not allowed to think about drama and discouraged fellow hot girls from listening to podcasts or anything too distracting. Music, however, is OK—  and Mia even made a Spotify playlist for it. 

“I challenge you to be alone with your thoughts and see who you meet,” Mia said. “Warning: not every day is going to be easy but if you want to make a real lifestyle change you have to put in that work and reclaim that voice in your head that you’re so afraid of being alone with.” 

She also suggested picking a destination that was two miles away and walking there and back. If you can’t find a safe route, be sure to bring friends or drive to a high-traffic walking area. 

Here are some “Hot Girl Walks” 


Love this @exactlyliketheothergirls I’ll be doing this daily. I need the confidence lately. #selfloveclub #knowyourworth #selflovejourney

♬ original sound – Mia

The user @inspirachel embraced the “Hot Girl Walk” and headed down a busy street. 

“Love this,” a user commented.

“Yes, I have been doing this,” a person wrote

While @chelsealouiseross_ may have looked a little out of breath during her walk, she stuck with it. 


Didn’t invent this but it’s definitely the move🔥 #hotgirlwalk #manifestation

♬ original sound – Mady Dewey

But @flourishplanner was so inspired by the “Hot Girl Walk” she filmed a “thank you” to Mia. 

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