Vet warns against participating in dangerous TikTok trend

TikTok trends involving your pet may be entertaining, but they’re not always safe.

One of the newer trends on TikTok right now involves giving a spicy chicken wing to your dog and recording their reaction. One of the more popular videos out of the trend comes from user @hundohustle, who dipped a chicken wing in hot sauce before presenting it to their Pit Bull, who turned their head away in confusion.

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When @hundohustle’s dog started to back away from the chicken in fear, the TikToker can be heard laughing. Many viewers were equally entertained — though in the comments, some people noted that this trend can dangerous for dogs, who aren’t meant to eat spicy foods.

“Please do not feed dogs spicy foods,” one person said. “It’s not good for their stomachs at all!”

“PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO FEED YOUR DOGS SPICY FOOD!” another added. “IT’S BAD FOR THEM! And some dogs won’t know better.”


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Vet tech Peter, one-half of @vet_techs_pj on TikTok, even weighed in on the trend after a dog came in to his office as a result of eating too many spicy wings.

“So you know that trend where you give your dog a piece of chicken with hot sauce on it to see what their reaction is?” he asked. “Well, this little guy got chicken with hot sauce on it. Then he got another piece of chicken with hot sauce on it. And they just kept giving more and more ’cause I guess the reaction was so funny. And now he’s in the hospital with pancreatitis. So, stop doing trends with pets.”

As many people noted in the comments, this trend is also dangerous because many people are feeding their dogs chicken wings straight from the bone. According to the American Kennel Club, these tiny bones can break and splinter off, and your dog can choke on them. They can also puncture your pup’s G.I. tract.

Moral of the story? As one commenter put it, “use Google and common sense.”

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