Nothing says ‘sleep tight’ like this hotel’s massive royal family wallpaper

Do you ever get that weird, creepy feeling that someone’s watching you?

Well, at a hotel in Somerset, U.K., that’s always true. By the way, that someone just so happens to be a long-deceased former king of England.

Twitter user Emily Brand shared a photo of the hotel room on Twitter, sparking a wave of confused — and concerned — reactions.

“Got to admire the balls of this hotel to create the most boring-looking room in the world & then be like, f** it let’s put a massive golden George III on the wall lol,” Brand tweeted.

The post gained thousands of likes, as many users agreed with Brand’s assessment. The hotel, it appears, decided to spice up a completely undecorated bedroom with a wall-sized portrait of a famous monarch.

It turns out Brand’s room wasn’t the only one either. In a follow-up tweet, she revealed that the room next door featured an even larger portrait of Queen Charlotte, who was George III’s wife.

Naturally, both British and American Twitter users found the decor a little … strange. Some called the wallpaper “unsettling” or “terrifying.”

“That’s enough to give you nightmares,” one user wrote.

“I wouldn’t be able to sleep, imagining George III’s eyes following me around,” another added.

Others were more optimistic, saying the wallpaper did, in fact, improve the room’s decor.

A few Twitter users even said they wanted to stay there. Some of that excitement seemed to stem from the fact that George III is the king originally portrayed by Jonathan Groff in “Hamilton.”

Brand’s discovery just goes to show that you can find a hotel based on basically anything. For example, there’s a Nutella-themed hotel, a James Bond-themed hotel and even a hotel for Taco Bell lovers.

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