TikTok mom shares how she uses everyday household items as an alternative to expensive toys

This mom on TikTok showed how a few simple household items that you already own can be used as an inexpensive and fun alternative to store-bought toys, and not only will it save you money but it’s a playtime game changer! 

TikToker Lauren Mejia (@motherhoodandmontessori) is a busy parent and teacher who often shares content featuring Montessori principles, a method of education that emphasizes independence and hands-on learning. Recently, Mejia shared a video where she illustrates how everyday household items can serve as an inexpensive alternative to store-bought toys, and parents are loving all the creative ideas. 

In the clip, Mejia demonstrates how repurposing a few objects around the house can function as fun, budget-friendly substitutes for store-bought toys. 

One shot features her adorable toddler, Braxton, playing with small animal figurines in a drying rack designed to look like grass. 

The clip then cuts to Braxton enjoying a popsicle while sorting leaves by color by placing them on their corresponding sheet of construction paper

Braxton works on his fine motor skills in the next shot by putting neatly cut pieces of a rubber straw through the hole on top of a large plastic tumbler. 

The following footage features the focused toddler using tongs to diligently transfer a bowl of colorful pom-poms to various compartments in an ice cube tray. 

As Mejia’s video comes to a close, the words, “Use what you already own,” appear on screen over a final shot of little Braxton using a small kitchen strainer to scoop out plastic balls floating in a plastic bin partially filled with water. 

Viewers took to the comments to express their excitement over Mejia’s easy and affordable playtime hack

“Using the Boon Grass [countertop drying rack] for that is genius,” one user complimented. 

“I want to get rid of all the toys I have for my daughter and do this instead,” shared one parent. 

“Love this! [It] avoids so much clutter and waste. [I don’t care] if people like spoiling their kids, [the kids] don’t know the difference! They just want quality time,” one TikToker mentioned. 

Whether or not you prefer store-bought or DIY toys, all parents of toddlers can definitely find some benefit in Mejia’s makeshift toy ideas. 

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