Frito-Lay employee shares how Doritos are made in behind-the-scenes factory video

A Frito-Lay employee gave major insights into how the company makes its iconic Doritos chips.

The behind-the-scenes footage comes courtesy of a TikTok user, aptly named @dadoritodude.

His clip is a response to another user’s video showing what Doritos allegedly “really” look like before cooking. Meanwhile, @dadoritodude — who claims to work for Frito-Lay, which makes Doritos — describes the process as being much, much different.

“Not really sure what they were showing,” he captioned his video. “But it certainly wasn’t our delicious #Doritos.”


#stitch with @yblockjusblo601 not really sure what they were showing. But it certainly wasn’t our delicious #Doritos

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The clip drew much praise online. Many TikTok commenters thanked @dadoritodude for setting the record straight.

While this video doesn’t show the process for making Doritos, he does give an example with a ball of dough. As the TikToker explains, Doritos start with masa, a dough made from ground corn.

The dough, which @dadoritodude says looks similar to Play-Doh before it’s cooked, gets crushed in a series of rollers. Later, it’s cut into the signature triangular shape, then fried and baked.

There are other processes at play, according to @dadoritodude — but, presumably, for the same reason he couldn’t show much of the factory, he left those details a mystery.

“It’s kind of a big secret,” he says of the formula.

TikTokers seemed unbothered by the lack of details — and instead, celebrated @dadoritodude’s behind-the-scenes insights.

“@Doritos, give this guy a raise! I love Doritos even more now!” one user wrote.

“This guy is showing the truth,” another added.

“Bro went into a military secret base,” another joked, in reference to the factory’s numerous doors.

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