TikTok trend allows users to sneakily reveal their secrets

TikTokers have got some scandalous secrets and they’re using a classic ’90s bop to reveal them. 

In the “How Bizarre” TikTok meme, users share their big reveals with the chorus from OMC’s 1996 hit “How Bizarre.” 


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♬ How Bizarre – OMC

Line this skit by Hannah Stocking. Her boyfriend wondered why he was receiving so many messages about engagement rings, Stocking and her best friend then guiltily looked at each other and lip-synced the lyrics, “how bizarre. How bizarre.”

What is the trend?

TikTokers use the same format as Stocking to highlight strange coincidences and reveal cheeky secrets and jam to a classic hit.

Whether you were born before or after the ’90s, you’ve probably heard New Zealand band OMC’s “How Bizarre” playing at a mall or a cafe.

There are currently over 276,000 videos on TikTok that use the sound at press time. 

Like when Julian Burzynski’s mom found her skirt in his room — and it turned out he borrowed it. 

Even Victorious star Avan Jogia joined in on the meme. 

“When you don’t remember a SINGLE plotline to SINGLE Victorious episode but you do remember going out partying every night,” he said

Here’s how to do the trend:

Setting up your own “How Bizarre” meme is easy. Just set up a “crime” as your premise and be the “guilty” party. 

TikToker Aaron has a great model in this iteration. In the clip, Aaron got a text from an ex.

“I thought you blocked him,” her friend responded. Then Aaron stares off, looking guilty and lip-syncing “how bizarre.” 

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