Home chefs swear by this game-changing bell pepper-cutting hack

No matter what level of home chef you are, you’ve probably had to ask someone how to cut a bell pepper.

The strangely shaped veggies are particularly tricky, but, with the right method, they can be easily conquered.

In The Know video editor AmiLin learned this trick in college, and since then, she hasn’t been able to cut peppers any other way.

“I’ll never go back,” she said.

Watch AmiLin show off the hack in the clip above, or keep reading to learn how to pull off the simple, mess-free hack.

How to cut a bell pepper: An easy, mess-free hack

This trick is so simple it almost doesn’t require an ingredients list, but, for the sake of being thorough, here’s what you’ll need:

To start, cut the top and bottom of the pepper, removing the base and stem. Then, slice into the side of the bell pepper, revealing the center.

From there, cut out the white center piece, removing the seeds along with it. These parts can all be composted.

Now, you have a clean, ready-to-eat veggie! From there, you can cut the bell pepper into strips, or any other shape you. like. All that’s left from there is deciding how to eat it.

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