TikToker reveals how cities ‘build’ their outdoor ice skating rinks

A TikToker is going viral after revealing how ice skating rinks get made.

The process, which seems a bit stranger than many viewers thought, is spreading widely thanks to an inside look by a user named Imani (@wegoodondisside). The TikToker, who seems to work at an ice skating rink in Boston, shared a now-viral series on how he fills up one of the city’s outdoor rinks.

It’s the latest in a long line of popular TikToks going behind the scenes at users’ peculiar or fascinating jobs. In recent months, users have also shared what it’s like to work as a tollbooth operator, a motel owner and even an airport ground crew worker.

Imani’s video seemed to blow viewers’ minds for similar reasons. Mainly, many users seemed unfamiliar with how an ice skating rink gets made.

“Ever seen an outdoor ice skating rink get built before?” Imani captioned the clip, which now has over 27 million views.

The footage shows Imani using a hose to pour water across a platform of interconnected metal bars. In a follow-up video, he went on to reveal that he later comes back to “melt down” the icy layer that forms over the bars. Then, he adds even more water and lets the whole thing freeze over.

Users still had plenty of questions, though. Many were stunned that cities actually use a hose to fill their outdoor rinks.

“You mean to tell me they don’t fly in a big piece of ice?” one user asked.

“So this is how they do it?” another wrote.

“This has to take a very long time,” another added.

But, as Imani explained in yet another video, the hose is an essential part of the process. As he explains, pouring too much water at once would affect the freezing process — as it’s harder to get a larger mass of water to freeze at once.

Additionally, he noted that the rink isn’t “fully sealed,” meaning some water leaks out during freezing. If they poured more water at one time, Imani notes, the streets would be flooded with cold water.

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