TikTokers are making ‘homemade’ Uncrustables — so we tried it ourselves

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No matter how old you are, there’s a good chance Uncrustables have played a major role in your life.

Maybe you remember bringing the crustless, freezer aisle PB&J snacks to school. Maybe you buy them for your own kids. Maybe, if you’re like this very adult writer, you still eat them regularly for lunch.

Either way, if you’ve been on TikTok lately, it’s hard not to think about Uncrustables. The snacks have been going viral on the app for months, thanks to users showing off their “homemade” versions.

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The editors here at In The Know have a soft spot for Uncrustables, but we also acknowledge that we aren’t kids anymore. That’s why we set out to make elevated, “fancy” versions of the snack at home.

Then, we put our creations to a taste test, comparing them against the sweet, sugary nostalgia of the original. Here’s what went down.

How to make ‘fancy’ homemade Uncrustables

To get the best, most circular Uncrustables possible, we’ve decided to get a little help from technology. You can make these things with a fork and knife (like TikToker Ayla Jalyn does in the clip above), but for ours, we turned to this Cut N Seal sandwich maker from The Pampered Chef.

This device, which had its own viral moment on TikTok, is like having an Uncrustable-making factory machine arm inside your home. You can grab it for just $11.99 on Amazon.

Beyond that, your ingredients will depend on what kind of Uncrustables you’re making. We landed on two options: a Nutella-banana sandwich and “fancy” PB&J. Here’s what you’ll need for those.

  • Natural peanut butter
  • Strawberry preserves (the nicer the better; we used Bonne Maman)
  • One banana
  • A jar of Nutella (which we had leftover from making “croissant cereal“)
  • A loaf of “fancy” bread (or, whatever “fancy” means to you)

First, the PB&J. Use your knuckles to make a shallow divot in two slices of bread, about the size of your fist. Spread the peanut butter into one, and the jelly into the other. Then, slap the bread together and press down on the sandwich.

Next, place the Cut N Seal on top of the sandwich, lining it up with your PB&J-filled divots. Press the device down until it’s fully through the sandwich, then rotate a bit, pulling off the crust as you do. Lastly, press hard on the button at the top of the Cut N Seal. When you release, you should have your homemade Uncrustable.

For the banana and Nutella version, follow the same exact steps — replacing the peanut butter with Nutella and the jelly with thinly sliced banana pieces.

What’s better: Real Uncrustables or homemade ones?

When it comes to flavor, there’s no contest here. Homemade Uncrustables win by a landslide, particularly the Nutella-banana version, which was possibly one of the best sandwiches this writer has ever consumed.

These sandwiches are a reminder as to why kids who hate crust aren’t picky — they’re geniuses. Without that carb-loaded, flavorless exterior, every bite is a perfect one. Each mouthful of Nutella-gooeyness is evenly distributed, and the texture is amazing, too.

The structure is another story, though. Even with the Cut N Seal, it’s hard to replicate the perfect, compact circle of a real-life Uncrustable. It goes without saying that freezer aisle sandwiches are made largely by robots, which, despite the opinion of at least one ex-girlfriend, this writer is not.

Should I try making homemade Uncrustables?

If you like sandwiches — particularly nostalgic, sugary ones — the answer is yes. The homemade versions of these legendary snacks are somehow even tastier than the original, and as childish as this sounds, eating something shaped like a tiny UFO is just flat-out fun.

We’d especially recommend the Nutella-banana combo, but we’d also encourage any adventurous sandwich-makers to try versions of every popular Uncrustables flavor, including “beef taco.”

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