TikToker posts adorable video showing how he gives his pet monkey a bath

A TikToker is drawing millions of views after showing how he bathes his pet monkey.

The post comes from the user behind the page @mojothemonkey. The pet owner’s popular account is filled with videos featuring his life living with two pet monkeys, named Mojo and Maya.

In a recent video, @mojothemonkey showed how he gives Mojo a bath in his sink.


This is how I was my monkey 🐒🛀

♬ original sound – Mojo the monkey

The TikToker begins by filling his sink with hot water. Apparently, Mojo loves to drink from the faucet as his bath fills.

There is scientific evidence showing that monkeys especially enjoy hot baths. In fact, the Japanese snow monkey is famous for using hot springs to warm up during the winter months.

Next, he guides Mojo into the water, and the monkey quickly sits down. The TikToker then lights a candle “to set the mood.”

From there, @mojothemonkey shows Mojo lying on his back in the sink, with a few rubber duckies floating around him. The monkey’s owner then proceeds to massage the monkey’s face and make sure his eyelids are clean.

He then washes the monkey with organic soap — which is thankfully edible, because Mojo seemingly likes to eat it.

Then, he slowly and softly washes off the soap before drying Mojo in a towel. Finally, he puts on the monkey’s diaper and diaper cover.

Commenters largely found could barely contain themselves.

“He needs a robe!!!!” one user wrote.

“Looking fresh,” another added.

“Where did u get him I want one so bad,” another wrote.

“MOJO out here living his best life,” another commented.

The video has drawn over 5 million views in less than two days. In fact, it was so popular that @mojothemonkey decided to post a follow-up — this time, of Mojo taking a bubble bath. Again, Mojo can be seen eating the soap.

“Just another relaxing bath,” the TikToker wrote.


Just another relaxing bath!😊🐒🛁

♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

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