YouTuber draws praise for clip showing how much money she allegedly makes per video

It’s a question almost anyone watching videos online has probably asked themselves: How much do YouTubers make in a month?

The actual answer is tough to pinpoint. Monetization on YouTube — just like for influencers on TikTok and Instagram — can vary widely based on a number of factors, from subscriber counts to advertisers to video length and so much more.

But thanks to YouTuber Erika Kullberg, viewers are getting a pretty detailed look into the process. The social media personality, who specializes in financial advice, recently shared a viral TikTok breaking down her earnings.

In the clip, Kullberg shows how much money she allegedly can make per month — and per year — via YouTube.

The earnings are obviously unique to Kullberg’s page, but TikTokers praised her “transparency” in breaking down the process as a whole.

“How much I make on YouTube with 200,000 subscribers,” Kullberg captioned the post.


How much I make on YouTube with 200,000 subscribers (wait for the reveal 😳) #personalfinance #moneytok #investing #passiveincome

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In the TikTok, which has drawn more than 400,000 views, Kullberg showed her total YouTube views for a range of dates between April and May of 2021.

Some days, her total views were between 10,000 and 20,000, but other times, they jumped as high as 90,000. Then, on what she called a “great day,” her views maxed out at over 120,000.

In terms of money, those lower view days translated to a few hundred dollars per day, before taxes. The days where her views were closer to 90,000, meanwhile, earned her between $1,200 and $1,400. On her “great day,” she made $1,500.

Kullberg then showed how much money she’s made in the past year — $82,626. That’s despite the fact that she only started monetizing her channel in May of 2020.

TikTokers responded positively to the post. Many thanked Kullberg for the explanation and said they were excited to get a glimpse into how much YouTubers really make in a month.

“I love when people get down to brass tacks! Thank you,” one user wrote.

“Love the transparency,” another added.

“TikTok needs to follow suit,” another wrote.

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