TikTok’s latest hack says you can open a wine bottle with … your shoe?

It’s one of the most relatable dilemmas out there: You need to open a wine bottle but can’t find a corkscrew.

Depending on who you ask, there are dozens of life hacks that can help solve this problem — but, thanks to TikTok, we’ve got an all-new solution.

If it works, that is. The hack, shared by user Jamie Griff, claims you can open a wine bottle with nothing but a nice, firm tennis shoe.

Griff’s TikTok page is full of tips for buying, drinking and opening wine, but his shoe hack seems to have struck a special chord on the app.


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In the video, which has more than one million views, Griff explains that his shoe-opening method is perfect if you’re “in the middle of nowhere” and have nothing except your bottle and the clothes on your back.

The wine connoisseur then pulls off his shoe and tears the foil from his bottle. After that, he proceeds to wedge the bottle into his Nikes and slam it against a tree.

A few hits later, his cork has started to lift. After a couple more, it flies off completely.

As Griff shows in the video, the method basically involves using pressure to force the cork out of the bottle. He claims a tree works well for this, but a solid wall will work just fine too.

TikTok users seemed stunned by the life hack, calling it “excellent” and a true “survival skill.”

“It’s that easy?” one user replied.

“Life skills yes! Thank you!” another added.

“I have now earned 39 PhDs from TikTok,” another wrote.

Others questioned why Griff, or anyone for that matter, would find themselves stranded in the woods with nothing but a bottle of wine.

“Whenever I’m in the middle of nowhere with just a bottle please pray for me. I’m going through something,” one commenter joked.

Griff took the jokes in stride, explaining in the comments that he considered some of his other wine-opening tips to be a bit more realistic. In his previous videos, the TikToker has opened bottles with a lighter, a screwdriver and a wooden spoon.


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