How this DIY designer made a ‘floating bed’ reality

Most people are spending more time at home than ever. So why not spruce up the palace with some DIY projects? 

HomeMade Modern is a YouTube channel that shares design ideas to inspire others to make their own projects. DIY guru, Ben Uyeda, made a floating bed that looks complicated, but with the proper tools, is totally achievable.

“The aesthetic is very minimalistic because all you see is white bedding and a wood slab,” Uyeda explained in the video.

Uyeda welded one-inch steel square tubes and steel flat bars to make the base of the frame. After doing a mounting test on the wall, he reinforced it with expanded steel mesh. Then he primed and finished the metal frame with a glossy white protective enamel spray. 

He mounted the frame onto the wall several inches off the ground. He then added extra support underneath in the form of a transparent acrylic block. Now the floating frame is complete! Next, Uyeda used a white cedar slab of wood to carve the headboard. He trimmed the edges, finished the wood and attached it to the frame. 

To make the floating bed sing, he added a Tuft & Needle mattress with white bedding. The finished result is a perfect illusion. The bed is elevated above the floor with no visible frame support.

Uyeda admitted it was just a prototype and he would make the bed a larger queen-size and remove the acrylic (it was strong enough without it) the next time around. 

“Now the acrylic and the floating-ness is a little bit on the gimmicky side and it certainly makes the build a little bit more complicated,” Uyeda said. “So what I really enjoyed was this kind of tension between the minimalist part and a more complicated building challenge.” 

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