TikTok says you can tie your shoes in ‘less than a second’ with one, easy trick

Think of how much time you could save if you knew how to tie your shoes in one second.

On TikTok, that’s become a “life-changing” revelation, thanks to a simple hack from user Bugsy Moran. In his viral shoe-tying video, the TikToker showed a method that allegedly makes the simple task much, much faster.

“TIE YOUR SHOES: In less than 1 second,” Moran captioned his video.


TIE YOUR SHOES: in less than 1 second💪##fyp ##howto ##likeaboss ##foryou

♬ original sound – BugsyMoran

In the clip, Moran shows off a method that he can’t believe isn’t taught in schools. Instead of taking the classic, “bunny ears” approach, he uses a completely new process.

To start, Moran starts by crossing the laces — just like you’d do in the “traditional” method. But then, he changes things up.

The TikToker proceeds to grab both laces with the bottom three fingers on his hands. After that, he moves his right thumb and index finger under the right lace and circles his thumb around the left lace.

Then, he connects the laces and uses his right thumb and left index finger to pull on the opposing sides. The result is a perfectly tied pair of shoes.

Confused? We were too. That’s why the editors at In The Know enlisted our own Nicholas Rudzewick to try the hack himself. Here’s what happened:


#duet with @bugzymoran It works!

♬ original sound – BugsyMoran

The process may seem complicated at first, but according to TikTok, it’s worth getting the hang of. Moran’s clip now has nearly 4.5 million views, and commenters have chimed in with plenty of praise.

“This just changed my life,” one user wrote.

“Genius,” another wrote.

“Dude, you are a life saver,” another added.

Other users, however, were less impressed. Several commenters wrote that they already knew about the time-saving hack.

“I learned this from a video when I was 7,” one user wrote.

“I’ve always tied my shoes like this,” another added.

“Um … is this not how other people tie their shoes?” another asked.

So, your experience with the hack will probably depend on what you’re used to doing. But if you still do the “bunny ears” (like this editor), then maybe it’s time for a new method. Or, you could just buy velcro shoes instead.

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