Dog owner shares ‘genius’ trick to help dogs tolerate bath time

Do you have to fight your dog to get in the bathtub every time he or she needs a good scrubbing? Well, one TikToker and dog mom might have the simple solution to all your problems: peanut butter.

On Feb. 16, TikToker Laura Ashley, mom to two sweet puggles, shared how she smears some peanut butter on the edge of her bathtub in order to distract her pups from the horror of bath time.

“I don’t even know I’m getting a bath. All I know is peanut butter,” the text overlay in the video said as Ashley put into words what her dog was (probably) thinking. “Peanut butter is the best.”


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While her dog is licking the peanut butter off the tub wall, Ashley is able to give him a bath without any protests or complaints. Once he runs out of peanut butter, he does notice where he is and tries to escape, but by then, Ashley has already given him a nice shampooing.

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Ashley’s “genius” trick has gone viral on TikTok with 8.4 million views and 2.1 million likes. In the comments, many users praised the innovative dog owner and said that they were excited to try the trick with their own pups.

“That’s so smart,” one person said.

“I need to try this with my Chihuahua,” another added.

After seeing this video and how well the peanut butter trick supposedly works, two In The Know editors — Dylan Tuba and Kelsey Weekman — decided to put it to the test on their own dogs. The verdict? Dogs will seriously do anything for peanut butter.

how to bathe a dog pumpkin peanut butter
Credit: Kelsey Weekman/In The Know

“My dog is absolutely terrified of taking baths. It usually takes two able-bodied adults to get her in there. Once she realized she’d get peanut butter if she stood still, though, she was obsessed,” Weekman said. “She was so excited that she literally jumped back into the bathtub to find more peanut butter after her bath was done. She will not leave the bathroom, so maybe it worked a little TOO well.”

Credit: Dylan Tuba/In The Know

Tuba’s dog Milo was a little bit more skeptical about the peanut butter, but at the end of the day, it got him in the shower, which is still a win.

“He was a little skeptical, but he still went in the shower which is big for him,” Tuba said. “He hates showers but loves peanut butter. This was a little easier than trying to pick him up and drop him in. The only downside is now my shower smells like a Reese’s Cup!”

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