How to braid your hair without an elastic

A hair elastic can be a helpful tool for achieving a perfect hairstyle, but if you ever find yourself without one, don’t sweat it! In this episode of In The Know: Hair School, celebrity hairstylist and host Justine Marjan shares some of her favorite hairstyling hacks that don’t involve using a hair elastic.

Pulled Back Style

To achieve a pulled back style without using a hair tie, Justine starts by taking half of the model’s hair up and grabs a little hole from one of the sides, before looping the hair through the hole. Then, Justine holds the hair as is, grabs another hole from the other side, and loops the hair through. When tightened, the hair should stay back in a ponytail. 

To do the same style with all of the model’s hair pulled back instead of half, Justine grabs all of the hair in the palm of her hand, and makes a hole on one of the sides. She then loops the hair through the hole and holds the hair in place, while making another hole on the opposite side. She loops the hair through the hole, and tightens to secure. 

Simple Braid 

To get a braided hairstyle without using an elastic, Justine starts by doing a regular three-strand braid on the section of the model’s hair that she wants to see braided. Justine starts with a microbraid on a 1-inch section of hair, staying careful to not detangle the ends as she braids, allowing the ends to naturally braid themselves. Justine continues to braid from the top until the two ends meet. Then, she opens up one of the loops, pulls the end through the loop, and pulls on the braid to tighten. 

Next, Justine shows how to do an elastic-free braid on a larger section of hair. Justine pulls half of the model’s hair back, splits it into three sections, and begins to braid, again making sure to not detangle the ends. When the two braids meet, Justine loops the ends through a hole from the braid, and pulls on the braid to secure the style. As a final touch, Justine likes to mess around with the braid using her fingers, to give the braid more fullness and even it out.

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