TikTok user shares secret trick for ‘disguising’ your iPhone apps: ‘I guarantee you didn’t know’

A TikTok user is going viral after showing how to change app icons on an iPhone.

The user, @kaansanity, is well-known on TikTok for his tech-based life hacks. In a recent video, he demonstrated a trick that wowed plenty of iPhone users.

His “secret” trick allows users to “disguise” their phone’s home screen — by changing the app icons into anything they want.

“Another iPhone trick I guarantee you didn’t know about,” @kaansanity says at the start of his clip.


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The hack, which really just involves accessing a little-known iPhone feature, is simple to pull off.

To start, open Apple’s Shortcut functions, then hit the plus sign in the top righthand corner. From there, hit “Add Action” and search for the action “Open App.” Browse your apps and select the one you want to “disguise.”

Next, click the three dots above your shortcuts list and add the new action to your home screen. This feature gives you the option to change the app’s name and logo to whatever you want.

In theory, this hack lets you make any app look like any other app you want. As an example, @kaansanity made his Tinder app look like it was actually his weather app.

Many users were excited by the power to get that creative with their home screen. Some, meanwhile, saw the negative consequences of such a sneaky trick.

“I’m about to click on all my man’s apps,” one user joked.

“This could end bad,” another added.

“Not me about to start an issue with my bf,” another wrote.

It’s helpful to point out, though, that the feature isn’t only for keeping secrets. Others saw the hack as a chance to customize their home screens — a trend that’s become increasingly popular in recent months. One of this writer’s co-workers (who is significantly cooler than he is), changed his app icons to make his iPhone look like a retro, Windows 95 desktop.

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