Woman divides TikTok with controversial gift-wrapping hack

A new hack for how to close a gift bag is going viral on TikTok, although not everyone seems to agree that the trick is useful.

The viral life hack comes courtesy of user @rominagafur. In her clip, which has drawn nearly 8 million views, the TikToker shows her followers why they’ve been using gift bags the “wrong” way.

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In her video, she shows how you can close a gift bag by “tying” it shut — a fact that seemed to surprise most TikTok users (including this writer, who just stuffs a ton of decorative paper in there and calls it a day).


You are using gift bags wrong!!

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The hack, which seemingly works for most gift bags, involves feeding the bag’s handles into one another. By threading the stringed handles into the other side of the bag, you can make a sort of “lock” that holds it shut.

In theory, the trick removes the need for decorative tissue paper, as the bag is basically “wrapped” instead.

Many TikTokers agreed they’d never thought of the hack. However, not everyone thought it was useful.

“That’s way too much work,” one commenter wrote.

“Except it’s impossible to open,” another added.

“That’s doing too much,” another wrote.

“I’m not doing it ‘wrong,’ I’m just way to lazy to do it that way,” another joked.

Still, others seemed impressed by the gift-wrapping hack.

“Wow, I didn’t know that,” one user wrote.

“I was today years old when I learned how to use a gift bag,” another added.

If @rominagafur’s trick doesn’t seem very useful, the good news is that there are literally countless new TikTok hacks going viral every month. In the past few weeks alone, users have shared tricks for chopping onions, making a “mobile” breakfast dish and screenshotting full webpages on an iPhone.

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