How to create a ‘lemon volcano’ at home — in 6 easy steps

Experimental is all about fun, DIY experiments. Each episode, we look at a new creation, life hack or recipe that can be put together at home — and is perfect for adults and kids alike.

Most people have made the classic volcano science experiment in their elementary science classroom, but we’ve got an exciting new take on the childhood favorite.

Our version? A simple, six-ingredient “lemon volcano.” These miniature, exploding fruits couldn’t be easier to make, and they come in any exciting colors you want — it just takes a little food dye.

So, if you’re stuck at home and unable to craft the larger, science fair version, why not spend an afternoon turning your extra fruits into a chemistry experiment?

In this week’s episode of Experimental, learn how you can turn a lemon into a fizz of rainbow colors. Transform a lemon into a volcano with a few simple ingredients: 

  • Lemon
  • Food dyes
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • Knife
  • Craft sticks

Watch the video above to see how you can make your citrus volcano erupt!

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