TikTok users are freaking out over a ‘secret’ new iPhone settings hack

If you’ve ever wondered how to find TikTok songs, you’re not alone.

Most users on the app have probably had some version of this experience: You’re watching a viral video (or 1,000, we don’t judge), and you think, “What’s the name of this song I keep hearing? If only there was a Shazam app for TikTok songs.”

As it turns out, there sort of is.

A new iPhone hack is going viral on TikTok for showing users exactly how to look up TikTok sounds and find their real names. Apparently, there’s a “secret” iPhone setting that will do it all for you.

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TikTok user @ios14tipstrend shared the trick in a clip that’s since drawn millions of views.

“If you have an iPhone, you need to know this trick,” the user says in his video.


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♬ The Banjo Beat, Pt. 1 – Ricky Desktop

As the clip shows, iPhone users can find the names of TikTok songs by adding the “music recognition” feature to their control center. You can do that by going to “Settings,” then “Control Center,” then hitting the plus sign next to “Music Recognition.”

You may need download the latest iPhone update before doing this, or just make sure you’ve downloaded the Shazam app on your phone.

From there, you can use the feature from the control center while using TikTok — meaning you’ll never again have to wonder about the name of that “Rasputin” song (here’s a free one, it’s literally called “Rasputin”).

Some TikTok users commented on @ios14tipstrend’s video saying they already knew about the life hack. Others, however, were thoroughly impressed.


“Omg, it changes the game. Thank you,” another added.

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