TikTok’s grilled cheese sandwich hack is a total game-changer

You may think you know how to flip a grilled cheese, but TikTok says otherwise.

At this point, TikTokers are all too familiar with home cooking hacks. In the past, users have shared their tricks for separating egg whites with bread, cutting herbs with a cheese grater and using scissors to keep vegetables fresh.

Now, TikTok is losing it over a new hack. A simple-yet-effective trick for flipping grilled cheese sandwiches.


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The trick, which basically involves holding the sandwich with a spatula and flipping the pan over it, divided users on the app. Some said it was basically just common sense.

“Whoa no one knew this?” one user asked.

“Do you know what gravity is?” another joked.

Others, meanwhile, called the trick “life-changing.”

“My whole life has been a lie,” one user wrote.

“Who needs school when you can learn from TikTok?” another added.

So, which is it? To find out, In The Know producer (and resident food boi) Nick Rudzewick gave the hack a whirl. To see what happened, check out the video above or keep reading below.

Is TikTok’s hack the best way to flip a grilled cheese?

To start, Nick prepped a luxurious, high quality grilled cheese with some cheddar and gruyere. He buttered the bread (if you don’t, is it even really a grilled cheese?) and added his sliced cheese.

Then, on a skillet coated with olive oil, Nick got to work. Placing his spatula under the sandwich, he removed the pan, flipped it and placed it on top of the bread. Then, voila! The flip went off without a hitch.

However, as Nick proceeded to show seconds later, it’s probably easier to just, you know, flip your sandwich the normal way. If you want to get showy, though, this hack is definitely worth a try.

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