How to fold towels to spa-like perfection

Vanesa Valdez is a professional housekeeper and a TikTok powerhouse with over 1 million followers at vaneamaro91. On her account, Valdez posts useful tips on how to keep any space tidy. Some of her helpful videos demonstrate how to remove hard water residue, how to clean a microwave and how to make a bed.

One of Valdez’s most popular clips tackles how to fold towels spa-style to bring the relaxing experience right to your bathroom.

In the clip, Valdez uses a large gray towel and places it horizontally on the bed. She folds the top right corner down toward the center of the towel so it aligns with the bottom and creates a triangle. Next, she folds the rest of the towel in half horizontally.

Valdez then flips it over to the other side and rolls it (like a burrito) from left to right.Once the towel is in a cylinder, she tucks any excess fabric from the corners in. The end result is a spa towel with neat vertical lines that won’t unfurl and can be easily stored.

Since being posted on July 26, the video has racked up 1.3 million views. The TikTok commentariat is pretty much obsessed.

“It is currently 9:44 p.m. and I seriously am considering refolding every single towel we own like this,” one TikTok user wrote

“I feel like I’ve learned a secret lifehack,” another person wrote. 

“I have never been more excited to fold a towel!” a third user added

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