Home chef divides TikTok with ‘controversial’ egg-cooking hack

A new hack showing how to fry an egg without flipping it is going viral on TikTok — but not everyone agrees it’s worth the effort.

The life hack, courtesy of a user named @user3136491744604, joins a slew of recent egg-related cooking tips on the app. Over the past few months, TikTokers have shared their tips for separating egg yolks, adding scrambled eggs to a “toast pocket” and cracking an egg by dropping it.

Many of those hacks were praised by TikTok users, but this new one was met with slightly more controversy. It claims to show an easy way to fry an egg without flipping it at all.

“Don’t flip your eggs. Do this instead,” @user3136491744604 captioned their post.


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In the video, @user3136491744604 adds some water to a jar and pours it over their cooking eggs. They then proceed to cover the pan, letting the eggs essentially steam as they cook.

When the TikToker removes their covering, the eggs are cooked on both sides. For clumsy chefs (like this writer), the hack comes across as a much safer way to fry an egg without worrying about it cracking open during the flip.

Many commenters agreed, too. Some called it a “game-changer,” and said they always used the trick in their own kitchens.

“This is how to make fried eggs. I’ve been doing this forever,” one user wrote.

“Love cooking eggs like this,” another added.

Others were less impressed, though. Some claimed that the trick wasn’t a “hack” at all, but rather just another way of basting eggs. Basting, a common alternative to flipping fried eggs, often involves spooning fat or butter over the eggs as they cook in a pan.

Meanwhile, other commenters simply said they didn’t like using water to fry an egg.

“It totally ruins the texture of the egg for me,” one user wrote.

“That’s cool and all but I like crispy borders,” another argued.

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