TikToker shares wild hack for easily getting corn out of the husk

A home chef is going viral after sharing their ridiculously simple hack for how to get corn out of the husk.

Home cooking hacks are nothing new on TikTok. In fact, even hacks related to corn have been well-covered on the app.

Last year, a TikToker went viral for showing how she uses a bundt cake mold to remove corn from the cob. Before that, an internet-famous recipe had users making “ribs” out of corn.

This latest hack, from a user named @meadweaver, is blowing minds mainly due to how simple it seems. The trick? Put the corn in the microwave.

“This changed my life,” @meadweaver captioned his post.

In the video, @meadweaver puts a full corn cob in the microwave. After four minutes, he removes the corn, cuts off the end and essentially squeezes it out of the husk.

“There’s no silk on that,” he adds. “How did I not know about this until now?”

Some TikTokers were skeptical of the hack. So, the guys from Party Shirt (@partyshirt) — who have long established themselves as the app’s foremost life hack fact-checkers — gave it a try themselves.

In their clip, the corn didn’t slide out quite as easily, but the trick worked all the same.


🌽 hack via @Meadmaker

♬ Reasons – Party Shirt

“It was extremely hot, it took a few minutes to cool down,” the @partyshirt guys warned. “But it does work.”

Many commenters were shocked the hack actually worked.

“Is it fully cooked?” one user asked.

“I thought it would turn to popcorn,” another added.

“Does it work with less time?” another wrote.

Others, meanwhile, chimed in to say they’d been using this trick for years.

“This is such common knowledge,” one user claimed.

“For better results wrap it in a wet paper towel,” another added. “My grandma used to make them, all-time best corn on the cob ever.”

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