Professional chef reveals hack for getting eggshells out of your food

A professional chef is going viral after sharing his hack for how to get eggshells out of a bowl.

The tip, shared by Australian cook Robbie Bell, is an easy solution to a common kitchen mishap. It shows how to recuse those tiny pieces of shell that sometimes fall into your egg yolk.

Bell’s kitchen hack is just the latest egg-making trick to go viral on the app. In the past, users have shared tips for how to separate egg whites by “pinching” bread, how to crack eggshells without hitting them and even how to make omelets in a bag.

The trick in Bell’s video is simpler than many of those hacks. Still, many TikTokers said they’d never once thought to try it.

“The best way to remove eggshell from your egg,” Bell says in his video. “Is by using one of the halves of the shell you just cracked. It works every single time.”


This is great little tip. ##foodhack ##chefstips

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In Bell’s extremely short video, he does exactly that. The chef starts by dipping an eggshell half into his egg yolk. Almost immediately, he’s able to scoop up the stray piece of shell that’s fallen into the bowl.

TikTok users had plenty of praise for the simple tip.

“Why have I never known this?” one user wrote.

“Why didn’t someone tell me this earlier,” another added.

“Magic,” another wrote.

Some commenters, meanwhile, didn’t understand how users were just finding this out.

“I thought this was common knowledge … what have people been doing?” one user wrote.

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