Here’s how to get more TikTok followers

If you’re making content on TikTok, you probably want more followers.

Whatever your goal is, growing an audience can be helpful in a ton of ways. It gets your message out there, aids in building a brand and can even create monetary opportunities. All content creators are subject to TikTok’s fickle algorithm, but there are some things you can do to get more followers on TikTok. 

Practice makes perfect

Performing in front of a camera can get awkward at first. Prepping for content, like writing a script or figuring out the format ahead of time, will make your videos better. Being consistent with your content output is another way to ensure you’re always improving your skills. 

Use hashtags to make your content easy to find 

Adding hashtags to your posts makes it searchable. Try to use ones that more accurately suit the content instead of hashtags that are just popular which can lose you points with the algorithm. 

Write a great caption.

A caption is not only the setup for your video but it can be the difference between someone watching or scrolling past it. If you’re not sure how to write something clever, try asking a question to get people engaged. 

Find a niche and stick to it

Creating a theme for your account helps users know exactly what they’re coming to you for. Whether it’s comedy, a mental health resource or celebrity gossip — let your audience know what you’re about by being consistent. 

Don’t rest are your laurels

One post may garner viral fame but repeating the same old tricks over and over again will bore your followers. Stick to your theme, while experimenting with different formats and content styles. 

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