TikToker reveals life hack for the ‘real way’ to hang items from a wall

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing his simple trick for how to hang pictures on plaster walls — or any wall for that matter.

The life hack, from popular TikToker @sidneyraz, is just the latest video to show the “real way” to accomplish common, everyday tasks. In recent months, users have also shared their tips for the best way to park a car and how to do laundry for the least amount of money possible.

Meanwhile, @sidneyraz has gone viral before with plenty of his own hacks — including the right way to use an airplane pillow and how to properly open an English muffin.

For many TikTokers, his latest tip was just as mind-blowing. The clip, which drew more than 1 million views in just one day, shows the easiest way to hang items on a wall.

In the video, @sidneyraz shows the trick by hanging a power strip on his wall.

“I can’t believe I’m about to show you this,” he says in the clip.

To start, @sidneyraz takes a strip of tape and places it on the back of the power strip. Then, he uses a pen to mark where the holes are. Next, he takes the tape off, places it on his wall and adds nails to the marked spots.

The simple, incredibly easy trick can save plenty of time — especially if you’re someone who’s spent hours guessing and feeling around the backs of pictures when trying to hang them (unfortunately, this writer is one of those people).

TikTok users seemed blown away by the life hack. Many couldn’t believe they hadn’t known the trick earlier.

“I never knew,” one user wrote.

“I’m mad now,” another added.

“Thank you so, so much,” another wrote.

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