TikToker reveals life hack for keeping bananas fresh for longer

A TikTok user is drawing praise after revealing a trick for how to keep bananas fresh for a long, long time.

The kitchen tip comes from user Bethany Ugarte (@lilsipper_official). It’s just the latest in a long line of life hacks about keeping food fresh for longer.

In the past, users have shared their tricks for keeping veggies fresh in the fridge, stopping bread from getting too stale and cutting cake so you “always” get a fresh piece.

Ugarte’s life hack, meanwhile, tackles an age-old grocery shopping dilemma: It always feels like bananas go bad way too fast.


Also if you’re lazy and don’t want to prep your 🍌 for smoothies ##bananas ##frozenbanana ##kitchenhack ##cookinghack ##foodprep

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In her clip, the TikToker shows how freezing bananas with the peel on can help them stay fresh for longer. According to her video, the freezing keeps the bananas from browning, and keeping on the peel ensures that outside air won’t make the fruit go bad.

To use the frozen bananas, Upgarte suggested running them under warm water for a few seconds before cutting off the peels. She noted that the hack is especially helpful for making smoothies.

TikTok users were split on the hack. Some praised the idea as a great way to keep bananas fresh.

“Dang this is a good idea,” one user wrote.

“This is one life hack that I still do,” another added.

Others, however, were confused as to why the hack was necessary. Many claimed that it was easier to peel and cut the bananas before freezing them.

“This is literally more work,” one user wrote.

“Cut and freeze them. No need to run hot water on them,” another wrote.

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