TikTok users are freaking out over a ‘crazy’ hack to keep bread from going stale

A new TikTok hack is showing home chefs how to keep bread from getting hard or stale — and blowing plenty of minds in the process.

It’s just the latest kitchen hack to go viral on the app in recent weeks. In other videos, users have shared their tips for keeping cheese from going bad, using a cheese grater to cut herbs and making spice racks out of marbles.

So, what’s TikTok’s newest hack?

The trick, claims “revive” stale bread, making it perfectly soft and tasty again. Apparently, you should rinse your stale bread under the sink.

That’s the advice of a viral video from the news company ATTN:, which later went doubly viral thanks to the famous TikTok fact-checkers Party Shirt. In their version of the hack, Party Shirt tested the bread-rinsing trick to see if it really helps keep bread from getting too hard.

Much to their surprise, the trick seemed to work.


Revive bread? 🥖 via @attn

♬ original sound – PARTY SHIRT

In the clip, the duo runs a stale baguette under the sink for a few seconds. Then, they cook it in the oven for between five and 10 minutes. Once the loaf is re-heated, they take it out and cut it up.

The slices clearly have a soft, slightly moist center — not what you’d expect from a stale loaf of bread.

“Holy s***, that’s like it’s back to normal,” one of them said in the video. “It revived the bread.”

Viewers were equally impressed by the trick. Many called it “crazy” and thanked Party Shirt for confirming the trick.

“You guys are better than Google,” one user wrote.

“Wow I had my suspicions about this but it works,” another added.

Other users offered their own suggestions for the life hack. Some said the trick works better with just a few spray bottle squirts of water. Others suggested putting the loaf in the microwave next to a cup of water.

“Works with pizza crust too,” another user added.

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