Use this one-step hack to keep rings from tarnishing

We can’t always afford to be decked out in real gold and platinum. Costume jewelry can be just as fun and fashionable, all the while much kinder to your wallet.

The only trouble with costume jewelry is that it can get tarnished pretty fast. In The Know’s Lisa Azcona has got a one-step hack to ensure your favorite rings will always look brand new.

“There are many factors that can cause your fashion jewelry to change color or just lose its original beauty,” Lisa explains. “Like the type of material it’s made out of, exposure to body oils, your beauty routine, the sun, water and even pollution.”

The only thing you’ll need for this super easy hack is clear nail polish. Yep, it’s that simple.

“It creates a layer of protection for your rings,” she says. “As soon as you buy your new rings, you can either coat the rings on the outside to keep them in pristine condition. Or apply the nail polish on the inside to keep your fingers from turning green or gray.”

Be sure to let the nail polish dry before you wear the accessories. Lisa recommends recoating the rings every couple of weeks or months, depending on how often you wear them, to ensure they’re protected.

“Ultimately, fashion jewelry is convenient because it’s inexpensive, and it allows us to follow trends without breaking the bank. But it doesn’t always last the longest,” Lisa says. “Hopefully, this one-step hack will extend the wear of your rings.”

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