TikToker baffles viewers with video showing the ‘actual’ way to light a candle

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing his life hack for how to light a candle without burning yourself.

The trick, which now has over 6.5 million views, comes courtesy of a popular creator named Sidney Raz (@sidneyraz). Raz has gotten famous for sharing all kinds of mind-blowing life hacks on the app — including how to really use an airplane pillow, how to actually tie your running shoes and how to get unpopped kernels out of your popcorn.

Raz’s latest viral clip shows how to easily light a candle with multiple wicks.

“Years of anxiety released,” Raz captioned the post.

In the video, Raz shows how you can light a candle without burning yourself on the other wicks. First, he lights one wick, then he simply leans the candle to the side — using the first wick to light all the others.

“You do not light them one by one, Raz says in the clip. “You light one, and then use that to light the others.”

TikTok users were largely blown away by the trick, with many commenters saying they had no idea it was possible.

“I’ve been struggling and burning my finger for no reason?” one user asked.

“They should come with directions,” another added.

“At this point, I’m pretty sure you’ve taught me more than my parents,” another wrote.

Others, however, argued that Raz’s hack barely made a difference.

“Or you could just use a candle lighter … the ones with a long nozzle for lighting grills or fireplaces,” one user suggested.

“Some three-wick candles have the wicks too far apart,” another added.

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