How to make ‘magical’ magnetic ferrofluid in just 2 steps

Experimental is all about fun, DIY experiments. Each episode, we look at a new creation, life hack or recipe that can be put together at home — and is perfect for adults and kids alike. 

If you’ve ever played with ferrofluid, then you’ve probably seen the impressive, spike-like shapes it creates when it comes in contact with other magnetic properties. For those who aren’t familiar, get ready to spend the next hour watching YouTube clips of the “magical” liquid.

Designed by NASA in the early 1960s, ferrofluid has the unusual ability to become strongly magnetized when placed in the presence of a magnetic field. The idea was originally designed to help move rocket fuel in space, but for the past few decades it’s become a point of interest for visual artists and DIY experimenters alike.

In this week’s episode of Experimental, learn how you can make ferrofluid do something truly incredible.

Here’s how to make the mysterious liquid dance, with just a few simple ingredients: 

  • Neodymium magnet
  • Ferrofluid (purchase online)
  • Plastic tray
  • Metal screws and bits 

Watch the full video above to see how you can make your own mind-blowing science video in just two steps!

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