TikToker shares wildly simple recipe for beloved Mexican candy

Candy lovers will be pleased to know this popular treat is actually super easy to make. 

TikToker Michelle, AKA Michellita, is proud of her Mexican roots. The musician departed from her usual vlogs to share her mazapánes recipe. You may have already tried the ubiquitous De la Rosa brand mazapán, but there’s nothing like a treat from scratch. If you always wondered what this rich dessert was made of, mazapán is actually the Spanish word for marzipan, a confection typically made with sugar and almond meal. 


  • 1 cup peanuts
  • 1 cup powdered sugar

Michelle’s steps: 

1. “All you need is a cup of peanuts and you’re going to pour that into a blender,” Michelle explained.

2. Next, she added a cup of powdered sugar to the blender. 

3. Then she blended the mixture until it was a powdery consistency with a few clumps. 

4. “You’re going to pour it into a bowl and mix it around with your hands,” she said

5. She took a handful of the mixture, compressed it into a ball form, placed it in a mold and covered it in plastic wrap. 

6. Finally, she removed it from the mold and marzápan was complete. 

TikTokers were grateful for the recipe but also blown away by how simple it is. 

“Who knew it was this easy?” one user said

“These are my favorite and they’re always sold out so thank you for this,” another wrote

“That’s it?! I thought there were more steps,” someone added

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